Game creators course Digital Frontier – day 1

Idea of becoming game designer was with me for some time, so when I heard about Digital Frontier – is a course for people trying to get into game industry I decided to give it a try. Course is organized by Revolver Interactive and was invented by Artur Kurasiński (enterpreneuer, investor and bloger).
Course is hosted in Warsaw, and will continue for 9 months with meetings every two weeks.

First meeting started at 6th of October. Getting there from Toruń to arrive at 9:30 caused me to wake at 4:30, but happily polish train wasn’t deleyed (as it frequently happens) so I managed to be on time. About 50 other people came too.

Digital Frontier is a multidisciplinary course.
Maciej Miąsik – course programme director said that he was trying to give participants  broad knowledge of video games creation needed for anyone working in game dev business.

First session held by Piotr Mańskowski was about history of video games (official title: History of video games from beginnings to present times. Overview of key platforms, companies and titles. Key personalities of game industry).

Piotr Mańkowski

Video Games History by Piotr Mańkowski

Piotr presented video games history in 3 parts:

  • 70ties,
  • 80ties
  • 90ties (first half of).

Piotr said that evolution of games stopped at half of 90ties, and nothing new happened from that time.

Second session was about contemporary video games: genres, platforms, industry etc. Session was hosted by Michał “Mielu” Mielcarek (console games journalist at Neo Plus).

Michał Mielcarek - Contemporary Video Games

Contemporary Video Games by Michał Mielcarek

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