Digital Frontier game creators course Day 3

Digital Frontier – is a course for people trying to get into game industry. Course is organized by Revolver Interactive and was invented by Artur Kurasiński (enterpreneuer, investor and bloger).
Course is hosted in Warsaw, and will continue for 9 months with meetings every two weeks.

Second meeting took place at 20-21 of October 2012.

First session was hosted by Daniel Kleczyński (audio specialist) who introduced Technical means of content creation.

Daniel Kleczyński on Technical means of content creation

Daniel Kleczyński on Technical means of content creation

Daniel briefly overviewed history of photography, movie, television and sound recording. Next to that he introduced foundations of physics of sound and image perception.

During second session Marcin Blacha (game and story designer from CD Projekt) described Schemes of gameplay.

Marcin Blacha Schemes of gameplay

Marcin Blacha Schemes of gameplay

Types of rules

  • Operational rules – as described in game instructions
  • Constitutive rules – mathematical rules “under the hood” of a game
  • Nondirect rules – for example fair play rules in football

Important thing that should be considered while game design process is elegance of rules which consists of:

  • simplicity
  • clarity
  • effectivness

Perfect rules should be easy to play and hard to master.

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