Digital Frontier – game creators course – day 2

Digital Frontier – is a course for people trying to get into game industry I decided to give it a try. Course is organized by Revolver Interactive and was invented by Artur Kurasiński (enterpreneuer, investor and bloger).
Course is hosted in Warsaw, and will continue for 9 months with meetings every two weeks.

Second day of the course took place at 7th of October. After Digital Frontier day one presentations about video games history and contemporary condition, participants were eager to listen to game industry insiders.

Maciej Miąsik (producer at one2tribe, game developer, designer, programmer, artist, producer, sound designer, businessman) overviewed game production as seen from the perspective of person who spent over 20 years in video games business.

Maciej Miąsik Introduction to games production

Maciej Miąsik Introduction to games production

Below you will find Maciej’s answers for questions asked by gamedev noobs 😉

What’s important in making games? Team, bitch!

Recipe for a good game?
Shipping/release is the most important feature!
Game finished in 99% is a game unfinished in 100%.
There is no good game without this feature.

What comes handy?

  • Ability to throw out.
  • Ability to avoid dead ends.
  • Always having a plan B.
  • Sorting things by priority.

What are some of biggest risks?

  • Lack of leader with vision of the game
  • Feature creep
  • Unrealistic plan

Polish version of Maciej Miąsik’s presentation can be found hear:

Artur Ganszyniec (game designer at Ars Thanea Games, The Witcher’s game&story designer) hosted second session – “Foundations of game design. Designers workshop. Impact of design on whole product. Specfic needs of game genres. Prototyping and verification of assumptions, dynamic design, balancing, target groups – players classification. Core gameplay loop. Case studies. Examples of good games of different genres and production scale.”

Foundations of game design by Artur Ganszyniec

Foundations of game design by Artur Ganszyniec

Artur gave a good primer on what game designers role is. Some examples below:

Stereotypes and half-truths about game designers job:

  • Anyone can be a designer
  • Your idea is always the best one
  • Programmers and artists, at least, have real profession
  • You can make a game without designers
Designers toolbox:
  • Paper sheets, markers and scissors
  • Whiteboard, post-it notes and digital camera (my favourite!)
  • Spreadsheet
  • Word processor
  • Powerpoint
  • Playable prototype of your game

IMHO it was the best session at Digital Frontier so far (maybe it’s just beacause I want to become a game designer too? ;)).

Check out what happened at first day of Game creators course – Digital Frontier.

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