Books on game design – list of lists

Building a list of lists is a great way when I want to get a grasp of some new area of knowledge. Just googling a given phrase (for example: game design) and adding phrases like best of, how to, best books on etc, gives plenty of interesting resources.

If the field is broad enough there are lots of lists, so you have to choose wisely. My rule of thumb is:

  • 3 lists from google from highest search results
  • list of books from wikipedia definition of a given phrase
  • first 10 results from Amazon
  • 1 list from GoodReads

For game design it would be:

Google -search phrase: best books on game design:

List of books about video games on Wikipedia

10 books from Amazon (phrase: game design):

List from GoodReads:

Next step is to find within all this results books that aremost common and start with them. For mentioned above lists there are five books that appeared more the twice:

3 thoughts on “Books on game design – list of lists

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  2. I would add: “Game Design: Theory and Practice” by Richard Rouse III to the list. A bit dated, by still a great read and some awesome insights into the game dev 🙂

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